Fatcat DePousse is an Amsterdam based dj whose love for underground trance music grew from the early beginnings of psychedelic trance, hence  known in the partyscene.
Her taste of music is broadband wide, from cheesy-listening to heart-attack fast, but always in sync with her purrring inner wave, a mixture of different colours of the frequencies.
Well accustomed to many styles electronic dance music brings, she knows how to blend in together the various catchy sounds in her dj-sets from  trance to house in a progressive way, further and deeper into the darkprogressive and deep psychedelic which brings an unforCatable impression.

Housepousse is the other djname when dedicated mainly to house music and loungeables

Styles she plays:

Progressive/Tech/ Deep House, Progressive (Psychedelic) Trance,  Lounge,  Jazzadelics and oddities once a while

Official homepage of djane fatcat

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